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12 years of experience in the SIP home manufacturing market

We are manufacturers of SIP (Structural Insulated Panels) and wooden double T-beams. We create innovative and reliable solutions for home construction. Committed to ensuring the success of your projects, we offer various solutions for building construction.

SIP panels, sized 600x3000mm, are composed of panels and insulation material between them. You can choose from two types of panels (OSB – Oriented Strand Board or CDP – Cement-bonded Particle Board) and insulation materials such as expanded polystyrene, Neopor (gray-colored expanded polystyrene with improved thermal insulation properties supplemented with graphite), or mineral wool. The thickness of insulation material ranges from 150mm to 400mm.

Compared to OSB panels, Cement-bonded Particle Board panels exhibit better fire resistance, water resistance, resistance to mold, rodents, and mechanical durability. SIP panels are suitable for all house constructions – walls, floors, and roofs.

We also specialize in the production of wooden double T-beams. The beams are made of wooden blocks, upper and lower, which are joined by a 10mm or 12mm OSB board depending on the construction. Wooden beams can be selected from 150mm to 500mm in height. For the Shellbau system, we manufacture insulated double T-beams used for SIP interconnection and roof structures.


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Since the beginning of architecture, people built their homes using various materials The main purpose of houses was to protect against various dangers, natural phenomena, heat, and cold. Gradually, it evolved into building not only stronger and more durable homes, but also giving them a unique and attractive appearance Over time, construction processes have greatly improved, and although some of the mentioned materials are still used today, there are many new high-quality materials used in home construction and finishing.

To ensure the best results, modern projects have high demands for construction materials, based on structures and technical properties. Therefore, aiming to meet market expectations and utilising more than 12 years of experience, the Shellbau team offers a unique home construction system and a wide range of quality finishing materials, reflecting the diversity of needs and allowing you to enjoy the comforts of modern life.

Turn your boldest visions into reality with the Shellbau home construction. It is an advanced home construction system developed by us and patented in Europe. We want to inspire our clients to choose creative and modern solutions, so don’t hesitate to contact our team – we will advise you on all home construction matters. Our philosophy: Genius lies in simplicity.

Let us take care of the harmony of materials and create the future together. Let’s create the future together !


Shellbau offers you sustainability and exclusivity

We have been working for more than 12 years and our goal has always remained the same: to offer our client the highest services in the market from A to Z.

Shellbau offers you the following benefits:

Houses from Shellbau structures have a 12% larger usable area compared to homes of the same dimensions, as it saves usable space due to thinner walls. with a larger usable area than other houses of the same dimensions, because thinner walls allow saving on the usable space.

The house „box” can be constructed in 14 days

A house with full finishing can be constructed in 6 months

The „Shellbau” brand home construction is given a 50-year warranty.

Due to all the reasons listed above, banks and insurance companies view the project financing very favorably.

Why ShellBau?

Panels are manufactured using polystyrene foam with cement particle board on both sides Beams and fittings are made of wood.

The panel surface is covered with cement particle board and polystyrene foam, so it does not ignite during a fire and does not contribute to spreading flames through the construction.

The assembly process does not use the "wet" technology, so both exterior and interior finishing can start as soon as the main structures are assembled, andconstruction can proceed at any time of the year.

To protect wooden structural parts from atmospheric effects during installation, they are fully sealed.

Shellbau elements are lightweight – the heaviest component weighs around 65 kg. for example, 80 m² house is about 4 tons.

Shellbau is known for its high structural strength and low weight. Thanks to the extra strong bonding of the sandwich panels, it can withstand an axial force of 3 t/m2)and m2 and a lateral force (2 t/m2) (for flat roofs, a resistance of – 0,4 t/m2).

Thanks to the shell construction of Shellbau, the weight is evenly distributed on the foundation, avoiding concentrated loads. Since the materials used are lightweight, the house will not settle. This type of construction places lower demands on the foundations compared to brick houses.

Various architecture

No cold bridges

Complete building structure

A house can be built in just a few days


U-value – heat transfer coefficient The lower the U-value, the lower the heating demand The U-value is expressed in W/m²K and depends on individual material layers that make up the structural part (the thickness of individual materials and the lambda value) The U-value of a structural part indicates how much heat is lost per second for each square meter when the temperature inside and outside differs by 1°C.

Shellbau has three layers two durable cement slabs with an extremely efficient insulating polystyrene foam board sandwiched between them.

  1. Composition of a cement slab: 63% wood particles, 25 proc. Cement, 10 proc. water ir 2 proc. additives.
  2. Polystyrene foam EPS 100N
  3. I-beam (connecting part)
A++ House requirements: U-value Shellbau U-value
Walls, floors – 0,1 Walls – 0,098
Roof– 0,08 Roof – 0,075
Floors – 0,1 Floors – 0,098
Windows – 0,7 Windows – 0,7
Door – 0,7 Door – 0,7
U-value – heat transfer coefficient The lower the U-value, the lower the heating demand

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ShellBau - technology that fascinates


structure is obtained through the interaction of an integrated frame, cement slabs, and polystyrene foam High energy efficiency is ensured by a tight external insulation layer without cold bridges Polystyrene is glued with adhesive, and gaps are sealed with sealant Lightweight components – two persons, without the use of lifting machinery, can quickly assemble the building Standardised components allow for diverse and individual architecture. Building construction system consists of two elements, namely, SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) and wooden I-beams These interconnected elements create a load-bearing frame structure. Then, the cement slab, forming the external and internal SIP surfaces integrates all of this into a shell structure providing spatial stability and strength to the building. The system has no cold bridges , and complies with the energy efficiency class A++ requirements, according to European Parliament and Council Directive 2002/91/EC.

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Questions that are frequently asked by customers.

yes SIP create from high quality

materials that are resistant to moisture, cold, and

fire. SIP panels are sturdy and can withstand heavy loads.

Yes, the SIP house is fire-resistant. SIP panels are

made of cement chips, which are non-combustible. Them

The fire resistance class is B-s2,d0.

Moreover, SIP panels are airtight, therefore fire cannot spread quickly

through them. This also increases their fire resistance.

Yes, the company „ShellBau” assists in arranging the documents required for house construction. Company

specialists consult clients on the procedure for obtaining construction permits and assist in preparing

the necessary documents and represent clients in municipalities and other institutions,

responsible for issuing construction permits.

The company „ShellBau” also helps to design the house and select the necessary materials.

The company’s specialists have experience working with SIP home construction technology and can help

clients choose the optimal solution according to their needs and budget.

Yes The thermal conductivity of SIP panels is low, therefore they

excellently retain heat. The thermal conductivity of SIP home walls is about 0.098 (U value), which

is significantly lower than that of traditional brick or framed house walls.

This means that ShellBau homes require less energy for heating, which

allows saving money.

The first step in building a ShellBau house is project preparation. The designer, along

with the client, discusses the client’s needs and expectations, and then prepares a project that

meets all the requirements.

SIP panels are manufactured in the factory. The panels are manufactured according to the client’s project, and

meet all the requirements.

Construction starts with the foundation. The foundations must be strong and meet all requirements.

After that, SIP walls, roof, and other structures are built.

Exterior finishing works start with the installation of the roof covering. After that, the exterior cladding is installed.

facade panels or decorative bricks.

Engineering works include electrical installation, plumbing, and sewage installation.

Interior finishing works, including installing walls, ceilings, and floors.

Preparation of documents for the handover of the house

Now you can start living in your new ShellBau home!